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5 Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Achieve Happiness

5 Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Achieve Happiness

So we all know that being an entrepreneur is a demanding lifestyle and requires diligent motivation and determination in order to achieve a successful life. Often times people will find that they have a disaster on their hands, either in their personal lives or in their business because they were unable to balance the two. In a previous article I wrote, I talked about how one can go about balancing their entrepreneur business with their personal life. In this article I would like to bring together five tips that will help any entrepreneur not only achieve the balance that I have previously talked about, but to also be happy with said balance.

We all know that if one can achieve happiness in both their work life and their personal life, then they probably have extremely fulfilling and rewarding lives, relationships, and dreams. But in order to get to a balance, one must find equilibrium between their dreams, daily goals, and lifelong aspirations. But even in achieving this does not mean that one is happy. You may work really hard to achieve said balance but then find that you’re not happy, and that’s the last thing you want.

1. Enjoy the journey: Life is not about getting to the end, or seeing the end results in a positive fashion. Life is about enjoying the journey that you are taking to get to that final aspiration – whatever that may be. Most of the time people get too caught up in having ideal results that they forget to enjoy the life they are living. You only get one life, so don’t forget about it by focusing too much on your end destination. You can’t always shun responsibilities, and I am not saying do so, but do not forget to play with your dog outside, or make crafts with your children on a spring day.

2. One Life: You only have one as far as we know, so do not spend it working on building someone else’s dreams. The idea here is to stop making excuses – stop saying that when you have more money you’ll do this or that. A lot of the time, people tend to forgo their current happiness for the potential of a better future. This is a huge no, no. If you constantly live for the forecasts of a better future then you’ll always rent out your present to your future that may never exist. Live in the today’s that you have and live the life you want and not someone else’s.

3. Don’t get on the Hedonic Treadmill: A lot of the time we get caught up in wanting more. We see ourselves as not having the shiniest and newest stuff so we want it and by working towards something that comes from vanity, status of envy, then you’ll endanger yourself and your business. You must remember that someone somewhere will always have something nicer or better than you, and you must learn to enjoy and love what you have. If you can do this as an entrepreneur then your business will be more successful because you will be more focused on what you have, what you are doing, rather than those around you.

4. Success comes from failure: People do not learn from being successful but rather from failing and learning how to be successful. If you cannot learn from your mistakes, you will always be blinded by them. So learning from your failures is how you become successful, and the most important thing is to remember that those who are successful are not good at it, but good at failing. Your success may come from that next failure.

5. You are naked: What I mean by this is that you are going to die regardless, and that you do not really have anything to lose in living the life you want. There is nothing that will hold you back from your dreams and aspirations because you have nothing to lose and so obtaining those dreams and that life of happiness is where you should be heading. Drive yourself to achieve the change that you want and that you require to obtain the key to heading where you want to go.

We must remember that there is a difference between living a balanced lifestyle and a happy one. One must find contentedness both in their business life, in their personal life, and in their happiness. If you work hard to balance the two, and forget how to achieve the third, then the balance won’t matter because the happiness won’t be there. Follow the steps above to remind yourself that achieving happiness in your dreams is what you want, not just achieving those dreams and living with the ups and downs. Make your life happy, and don’t do it because you feel the need to not fail at life, but do it because you have nothing to lose and there is no other life worth living then one that is fulfilling in all areas.

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