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7 Steps To Earn Your Customers' Loyalty

7 Steps To Earn Your Customers' Loyalty

Loyal customers are the key to all business success. Without loyal customers your business can’t grow and profit. Your loyal customers create continuous cash flow, revenues through their repeated buys. To grow your business and grow your online sales you need to understand how.

In 2013 online retail spending grew 14% and is expected to grow even higher in 2014. In 2013 one-third of all online sales made that year came from mobile devices. This year the numbers expected to grow even higher. Mobile device applications make it easy for your customers to shop online.

Running your storefront and Ecommercial stores needs a trust factor from your clients. Your business will continue to grow through your subscribers trust. There are 7 easy steps to gain your clients trust and grow your business this year.

1. How to earn your clients’ trust.

When using email to promote your product it is important to let your subscribers know your identification and contact information. In all your emails include your name, physical address, email address, website address, and telephone number. Your clients need a way to contact you for help. Your clients need to know the person behind the product. This builds the trust your clients’ need to buy your products.

2. Giving your clients what they want.

When your clients subscribe to your mailing list they do it for a reason. Your store offers great information and products they're interested in. It is up to you to keep giving your clients this information and quality products. One-way to continue supplying the information your clients are looking for is through simple questionnaires. Offer a contest and give the winner a quality prize that they can’t find elsewhere. Get your clients involved and this keeps them interested in your emails and products.

3. Limit the number of marketing messages you send out 

Nobody wants hundreds of emails from you, advertising your products and services. Your clients want to receive quality emails from your company. Sending out too many emails or giving out too much advice makes your clients angry. Don’t give your clients the impression you only want their money. When sending out your newsletter limit the advertising you include. Give good quality information and keep the newsletter short and to the point.

Send one newsletter weekly to your clients. Do not send out advertising each day to your clients. With emails you want to build your customer loyalty and not scare them away. Keep your customer loyalty and trusting in your company. Send them a well crafted newsletter once a week introducing a new product or promotions for the week.

4. Make your customer your friend.

Your clients need to know you as a real person. Give them a sense of who you are in your newsletter each week. Add a little something personal in your newsletter talking about their favorite sports team, family, or an event that is taking place. Get your readers involved and ask them to write you back. Your goal is to create a bond between you and your clients. When the bonds created, your clients feel comfortable buying your products and reading your weekly newsletters. If your newsletters’ done correctly, many of your clients will look forward to receiving your newsletter each week.

5. Give your clients more and over deliver.

Client’s like to know you care and listen to their wants and needs. Next time your client places an order give them something extra. Add in their order a special bonus or gift that wasn’t advertised. By including this small gift or bonus in their order shows your clients you care about them.

When promoting a new product ask the manufacture to make 1000 sample packages for you. Two days before announcing your new product mail the samples to your clients. When your clients read about your new product they are more willing to buy.

6. Give special help to your clients.

By helping out your clients when they ask for your helps shows you care about them. If one of your clients sends you an email seeking advice, take your time and answer. Your client will be grateful, and probably will tell their friends, neighbors, and colleagues about your company. Gaining positive word-of-mouth gives your company loyal customers and gains new ones 

7. Stick to the facts about your product.

When describing your new product stick to the facts. Your clients appreciate it that you stick to the facts. Your customers respect you for your truth and not trying to hype up your products. When emailing your clients stick to the facts and outline the real benefits of your new product. Your customers will thank you and stay loyal to your company.

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  1. Julie Sinclair
    Julie Sinclair
    Great advice and well worth the time to follow
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